About the Collection


In the early 1990's some 120 sculptures, lithographs and rare batiks were acquired.

Themes include animals, people, family, hunting, metamorphoses, compositions and schamanism, as well as, daily life.

Materials used for the sculptures and wallhangings are natural products from the area, such as stone, antler, whalebone, musk ox horn, sealskin, mammoth and walrus tusk.

Lithographs were originally stone cut prints, but today one sees a wide variety of techniques being employed. Digital media and performance belong to the diverse range of expression.


The works give an impression of the culture and life of the peoples in the Polar regions,  demonstrating astonishing similarities with our regions.  

At the same time they spark an interest to learn more, connecting cultures and contributing to cultural diversity.  

They also bring attention to the environmental challenges in the North and to the global context, encouraging environmentally sound measures to be taken for the good of future generations.


Circumpolar art has much to contribute to the international contemporary art dialogue.